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At Mediscript our aim is to help the physicians care for their patients in the best possible way. We do that by giving them the confidence that they are being assisted with clear and accurate documentation.

Relevance of Good Healthcare Coding.

  • At Mediscript, we belief that complete and accurate medical record documentation helps to nurture quality and continuity of care being given.
  • Patients’ medical records are the only viable and enduring proof of the care given.  As the records evolve over time, they becomevital as a source of reference in emergency care, research, and quality assurance.
  • Proper medical documentation also creates a communication between the care givers and allied members of health fraternity such as preventive health services, treatment and planning and delivery of care. This is essential for the success of any medical treatment or care.

Mediscript way!

  • At Mediscript we have an organized centralized system which ensures the medical records are easily accessible for review.
  • We ensure our database is accessible only to authorized personnel and electronically secure.
  • We follow strict codes of confidentiality and provide periodic training in confidentiality and security of patient information to our teams.

We have been consistently providing customized quality transcription services within specified delivery schedules for last 16 years. Our success lies in the on -going support and appreciation we receive from our numerous clients across continents.

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