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Review of medical records is essentially reviewing and analyzing of patient’s medical records. 

It is important because it helps to discover patterns or problems that can help the doctor or healthcare professional, take better decisions regarding the medical care being provided to the patient. Medical review of records is useful not only to care givers but also to medical –legal consultants to analyze, identify, review various facts in patient medical records.

Our team of experts has extensive experience and specialized clinical knowledge for analyzing the patients’ medical records.
Mediscript offers specialized services to law firms, insurance firms, medical-legal consultants, case chart review firms, private corporations, independent medical examiners, physicians and other organizations for comprehensive assessment of the medical review of records.
How do we do it?

  • Step 1. Identification of key components of the medical record. This means we classify relevant information and reference the date of service, type of service, provider of service and place of service information.
  • Step 2. Saving the patient’s  medical record information
  • Step 3. Classification of information by data type. Records are indexed and summarized appropriately. We also review information for completeness, accuracy and compliance and put it in easy to follow format.
  • Step 4. Organization of the data in chronological order. We develop chronology and time-lines specific to client case needs.
  • Step.5. Listing of all the records [imaging records included], and documents to be reviewed.We convert the medical records in an electronic format [imaged and indexed] compatible with the internal application/process flow
  • Step 6. Tallying of alltheobjective tests performed. We also provide inputs  in identifying potential missing medical records
  • Step 7. Assessment to quantify range of motion and outcome study.

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